2/20 7pm Adrian @ Hosanna Girls State Basketball​

Northern Section CIF State Basketball Championship

2/22 12:45pm TBD vs. TBD D5 Girls

2/22 2:30pm TBD vs. TBD D5 Boys

2/22 4:15pm TBD vs TBD D3 Girls

2/22 6pm TBD vs. TBD D3 Boys

2/22 7:45pm TBD vs TBD D4 Boys

2/23 12:45pm TBD vs Greenville D7 Girls

2/23 2:30pm Butte Valley vs McCloud  D7 Boys

2/23 4:15pm TBD vs TBD D5 Girls

2/23 6pm TBD vs. TBD D6 Boys

2/23 7:45pm TBD vs TBD D4 Girls

OSAA 1A State Girls Basketball Tournament

2/28 1:30pm TBD @ TBD

2/28 3:15pm TBD @ TBD

2/28 6:30pm TBD @ TBD

2/28 8:15pm TBD @ TBD

3/1 9am TBD @ TBD

3/1 10:45am TBD @ TBD

3/1 6:30pm TBD @ TBD

3/1 8:15pm TBD @ TBD

3/2 10:45am TBD @ TBD 4th/6th

3/2 6:45pm TBD @ TBD 3rd/5th

3/2 8:30pm TBD @ TBD 1st/2nd

OSAA 1A State Boys Basketball Tournament

2/27 1:30pm TBD @ TBD 

2/27 3:15pm TBD @ TBD

2/27 6:30pm TBD @ TBD

2/27 8:15pm TBD @ TBD

2/28 9am TBD @ TBD

2/28 10:45am TBD @ TBD

2/28 4:15pm TBD @ TBD

2/28 6pm TBD @ TBD

3/1 1:30pm TBD @ TBD

3/1 3:15pm TBD @ TBD

3/2 9am TBD @ TBD 4th/6th

3/2 1:30pm TBD @ TBD 3rd/5th

3/2 3:15pm TBD @ TBD 1st/2nd

3/19 4:30pm Hosanna @ Bonanza Baseball

3/21 4:30pm Lakeview @ Hosanna Baseball

4/9 4:30pm Triad @ Hosanna Baseball

4/13 12pm Hosanna @ Lakeview Baseball

4/13 2pm Hosanna @ Lakeview Baseball

4/16 4:30pm Bonanza @ Hosanna Baseball

4/20 12pm Lost River @ Hosanna Baseball

4/20 2:30pm Lost River @ Hosanna Baseball

4/30 4:30pm Hosanna @ Triad Baseball

5/4 12pm Prospect @ Hosanna Baseball

5/4 2pm Prospect @ Hosanna Baseball

5/7 4:30pm North Lake @ Hosanna Baseball

Questions and Answers

Q - How much is it to subscribe to watch a school live sports broadcast?

A - $9.99 for a 1 month pass, $40 3 month pass, $50 for a yearly subscription to watch all games.

Q - I would like to subscribe to RivalBlitz and don't know how, I understand there is a Monthly charge but I don't see where to sign up. thanks

A-To subscribe select a game from the Upcoming Live Broadcasts list to the right. In the broadcast window click the button "See Subscription Options." Select your subscription and follow instructions.

Q - If I sponsor a school do I still have to subscribe to watch the games?

A - Yes. We have no control over the subscription, that is done solely with the NFHS Network.

Q - How does my school benefit from the subscription?

A - RivalBlitz splits half of the subscription it receives with the school's athletic program that the subscriber chooses.

Q - Can subscribers see other teams games or do they have to pay for each school?

A - Once you subscribe to support a school of your choice you can watch any game at any school for no additional cost.

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