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Running Raider Basketball Tournament

12/19 4pm Mazama JV @ Lakeview JV Boys Basketball

12/19 5:30pm Mazama @ Lakeview Girls Basketball

12/19 7pm Mazama @ Lakeview Boys Basketball

12/21 4pm Country @ South Wasco Girls Basketball

12/21 5:30pm Country @ South Wasco Boys Basketball

12/21 6pm Prospect @ Rogue Valley Girls Basketball

12/21 7:30pm Prospect @ Rogue Valley Boys Basketball

Salem Academy Basketball Tournament

12/28 TBA vs. TBA Girls Basketball

12/28 TBA vs. TBA Boys Basketball

12/29 TBA vs. TBA Girls Basketball

12/29 TBA vs. TBA Boys Basketball

12/30 TBA vs. TBA Girls Basketball

12/30 TBA vs. TBA Boys Basketball

12/29 5:30pm Bonanza @ Illinois Valley Girls Basketball

12/29 5:30pm Triad @ Chiloquin Girls Basketball

12/29 7pm Bonanza @ Illinois Valley Boys Basketball

12/29 7pm Triad @ Chiloquin Boys Basketball

12/30 3:30pm North Douglas @ Triad Girls Basketball

12/30 5pm North Douglas @ Triad Boys Basketball

1/2 4pm Bonanza @ Lakeview JV Girls Basketball

1/2 5:30pm Bonanza @ Lakeview Girls Basketball

1/2 7pm Bonanza @ Lakeview Boys Basketball

1/5 3pm Oakridge @ Lost River JV Girls Basketball

1/5 4:30pm Oakridge @ Lost River JV Boys Basketball

1/5 6pm Oakridge @ Lost River Girls Basketball

1/5 7:30pm Oakridge @ Lost River Boys Basketball

1/6 2pm Hosanna @ Chiloquin Girls Basketball

1/6 3:30pm Hosanna @ Chiloquin Boys Basketball

1/9 3pm Riddle @ Lost River JV Girls Basketball

1/9 4:30pm Riddle @ Lost River JV Boys Basketball

1/9 6pm Riddle @ Lost River Girls Basketball

1/9 6pm Triad @ Hosanna Girls Basketball

1/9 7:30pm Riddle @ Lost River Boys Basketball

1/9 7:30pm Triad @ Hosanna Boys Basketball

1/11 5:30pm Rogue Valley @ Hosanna Girls Basketball

1/11 7pm Rogue Valley @ Hosanna Boys Basketball

1/12 6pm Lost River @ Monroe Girls Basketball

1/12 7:30pm Lost River @ Monroe Boys Basketball

1/13 12pm Bonanza @ Monroe Girls Basketball

1/13 1:30pm Bonanza @ Monroe Boys Basketball

1/16 3pm Butte Falls @ Lost River JV Girls Basketball

1/16 3:30pm Paisley @ Triad Girls Basketball

1/16 5pm Paisley @ Triad Boys Basketball

1/16 4:30pm Butte Falls @ Lost River JV Boys Basketball

1/16 6pm Butte Falls @ Lost River Girls Basketball

1/16 7:30pm Butte Falls @ Lost River Boys Basketball

1/16 5:30pm Gilchrist @ Hosanna Girls Basketball

1/16 7pm Gilchrist @ Hosanna Boys Basketball

1/18 6pm Hosanna @ Rogue Valley Girls Basketball

1/18 7:30pm Hosanna @ Rogue Valley Boys Basketball

1/19 4pm Central @ Gilchrist Girls Basketball

1/19 5:30pm Central @ Gilchrist Boys Basketball

1/19 5:30pm Canyonville @ Triad Girls Basketball

1/19 7pm Canyonville @ Triad Boys Basketball

1/20 1pm Central @ Triad Girls Basketball

1/20 2pm Paisley @ Hosanna Girls Basketball

1/20 2pm Gilchrist @ Chiloquin Girls Basketball

1/20 2:30pm Central @ Triad Boys Basketball

1/20 3:30pm Paisley @ Hosanna Boys Basketball

1/20 3:30pm Gilchrist @ Chiloquin Boys Basketball

1/23 3pm Bonanza @ Lost River JV Girls Basketball

1/23 3pm Canyonville @ Hosanna JV Girls Basketball

1/23 4:30pm Bonanza @ Lost River JV Boys Basketball

1/23 3pm Canyonville @ Hosanna JV Boys Basketball

1/23 6pm Canyonville @ Hosanna Girls Basketball

1/23 6pm Bonanza @ Lost River Girls Basketball

1/23 7:30pm Canyonville @ Hosanna Boys Basketball

1/23 7:30pm Bonanza @ Lost River Boys Basketball

1/25 6pm Paisley @ Rogue Valley Girls Basketball

1/25 7:30pm Paisley @ Rogue Valley Boys Basketball

1/26 4pm Gilchrist @ Triad Girls Basketball

1/26 5:30pm Canyonville @ Chiloquin Girls Basketball

1/26 5:30pm Gilchrist @ Triad Boys Basketball

1/26 7pm Canyonville @ Chiloquin Boys Basketball

1/27 2:30pm Prospect @ Triad Girls Basketball

1/27 4pm Prospect @ Triad Boys Basketball

1/27 6pm North Lake @ Rogue Valley Girls Basketball

1/27 7:30pm North Lake @ Rogue Valley Boys Basketball

1/30 3pm Lost River @ Riddle JV Girls Basketball

1/30 4:30pm Lost River @ Riddle JV Boys Basketball

1/30 6pm Hosanna @ Triad Girls Basketball

1/30 6pm Lost River @ Riddle Girls Basketball

1/30 7:30pm Hosanna @ Triad Boys Basketball

1/30 7:30pm Lost River @ Riddle Boys Basketball

2/2 5:30pm Chiloquin @ Prospect Girls Basketball

2/2 7pm Chiloquin @ Prospect Boys Basketball

2/3 2pm Trinity @ Chiloquin JV Boys Basketball

2/3 3:30pm Trinity @ Chiloquin Boys Basketball

2/6 3pm Bonanza @ Riddle JV Girls Basketball

2/6 4:30pm Bonanza @ Riddle JV Boys Basketball

2/6 6pm Bonanza @ Riddle Girls Basketball

2/6 7:30pm Bonanza @ Riddle Boys Basketball

2/6 7pm Trinity @ Hosanna Boys Basketball

2/7 5pm Prospect @ Hosanna Girls Basketball

2/7 6:30pm Prospect @ Hosanna Boys Basketball

2/8 3pm Hosanna @ Canyonville JV Girls Basketball

2/8 4:30pm Hosanna @ Canyonville JV Boys Basketball

2/8 6pm Hosanna @ Canyonville Girls Basketball

2/8 7:30pm Hosanna @ Canyonville Boys Basketball

2/9 3pm Oakridge @ Bonanza JV Girls Basketball

2/9 4:30pm Oakridge @ Bonanza JV Boys Basketball

2/9 6pm Oakridge @ Bonanza Girls Basketball

2/9 6:30pm Chiloquin @ Triad Girls Basketball

2/9 7:30pm Oakridge @ Bonanza Boys Basketball

2/9 8pm Chiloquin @ Triad Boys Basketball

2/10 2pm Gilchrist @ Prospect Girls Basketball

2/10 2pm Chiloquin @ Hosanna Girls Basketball

2/10 3:30pm Gilchrist @ Prospect Boys Basketball

2/10 3:30pm Chiloquin @ Hosanna Boys Basketball

2/10 6:30pm Rouge Valley @ Triad Girls Basketball

2/10 8pm Rouge Valley @ Triad Boys Basketball

2/13 3pm Lost River @ Bonanza JV Girls Basketball

2/13 4:30pm Lost River @ Bonanza JV Boys Basketball

2/13 6pm Lost River @ Bonanza Girls Basketball

2/13 7:30pm Lost River @ Bonanza Boys Basketball

School Club Fund Raiser - Video Broadcast Your Sports

We are searching for high school clubs or students  to run the RivalBlitz / NFHS Network live video broadcasts during your schools girls and boys games. 


  • Show up on time to each home regular season and state playoff girls & boys game
  • Set up laptop and camcorder
  • Open broadcast software and select game. Start broadcast. Play Commercials. Keep updating scoreboard. Stop broadcast.  

Must provide own laptop, camcorder, and cellular wifi hotspot. (Your high school may be able to provide one or more of these items to use for the broadcasts.) 

Raise money for your school club by selling advertising commercials to local businesses that you will then play on your sports broadcast pregame, time outs, half time, and post game show. Set your own price and keep all the money you make.

Your school athletic fund also benefits by receiving part of the subscription revenue produced by your school sports broadcasts.

We provide in person training and online video examples and live support. Simple software and setup. One person can run entire broadcast or use up to a four person crew.

There is no cost to our schools! So start broadcasting your school sports today!

To apply text or call Dusty Collier at 541-205-2047 or email support@rivalblitz.com


​Start Broadcasting Your Games Today. CLICK HERE!

Join us on Facebook and keep up to date with all the news 

Questions and Answers

Q - How many sponsors do you need to broadcast a school?

A - We need 5 season sponsors to break even with start up costs to purchase equipment and hire an announcer.

Q - How much is it to sponsor and what do I get?

A - You may sponsor per game for $20 or $100 for a boys or girls sport season. You receive a 30 second commercial that will be played several times during the broadcast.

Q - How do I sponsor?

A - Click on the Advertise link on the menu bar.

Q - How much is it to subscribe to watch a school live sports broadcast?

A - $9.99 for a 24 hour pass, $35 one sport season subscription, $50 for a yearly subscription to watch all games.

Q - I would like to subscribe to RivalBlitz and don't know how, I understand there is a Monthly charge but I don't see where to sign up. thanks

A-To subscribe select a game from the Upcoming Live Broadcasts list to the right. In the broadcast window click the button "See Subscription Options." Select your subscription and follow instructions.

Q - If I sponsor a school do I still have to subscribe to watch the games?

A - Yes. We have no control over the subscription, that is done solely with the NFHS Network.

Q - How does my school benefit from the subscription?

A - RivalBlitz splits half of the subscription it receives with the school's athletic program that the subscriber chooses.

Q - Can subscribers see other teams games or do they have to pay for each school?

A - Once you subscribe to support a school of your choice you can watch any game at any school for no additional cost.

Contact Us

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