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Game DVD Orders

Game DVD's are $15 plus $3 s/h each and can be purchased by sending an email to Dusty Collier at or call/text order to 541-851-1971.  Mail checks payable to RivalBlitz, PO Box 253, Midland, OR 97634.​

With respect to our coaches and teams, Game DVD's are only available for sale to the coaches, athletes, and parents of the teams on the video. Our DVD video's ARE NOT to be used for scouting purposes. Thank you.

2018 Football & Volleyball

1A Season Preview Volleyball Tournament
​8/24 8am Crane Mustangs vs. Hosanna Lions
8/24 9am Joseph Eagles vs. Alsea Wolverines
8/24 10am N Clackamas Saints vs. Powder Valley Badgers
8/24 11am Crosshill Eagles vs. North Douglas Warriors
8/24 11am Days Creek Wolves vs. Perrydale Pirates
8/24 12pm Adrian Antelopes vs. McKenzie Eagles
8/24 12pm Joseph Eagles vs. Hosanna Lions
8/24 1pm Country Cougars vs. Echo Cougars
8/24 1pm Crane Mustangs vs. Alsea Wolverines
8/24 2pm Perrydale Pirates vs. Prairie City Panthers
8/24 2pm Days Creek Wolves vs. North Clackamas Saints
8/24 3pm Powder Valley Badgers vs. N Douglas Warriors
8/24 3pm Joseph Eagles vs. Crosshill Eagles
8/24 4pm Crane Mustangs vs. Perrydale Pirates
8/24 4pm Echo Cougars vs. Hosanna Lions
8/24 5pm Crosshill Eagles vs. Adrian Antelopes
8/24 5pm Prairie City Panthers vs. McKenzie Eagles
8/24 6pm Alsea Wolverines vs. N Clackamas Saints
8/24 6pm Powder Valley Badgers vs. Days Creek Wolves
8/24 7pm Crane Mustangs vs. Country Cougars
8/25 8am Joseph Eagles vs. McKenzie Eagles
8/25 8am Prairie City Panthers vs. Country Cougars
8/25 9am Hosanna Lions vs. Perrydale Pirates
8/25 9am Alsea Wolverines vs. Powder Valley Badgers
8/25 10am Days Creek Wolves vs. Echo Cougars
8/25 10am Adrian Antelopes vs. North Clackamas Saints
8/25 11am N Douglas Warriors vs. Country Cougars
8/25 11am Crane Mustangs vs. Crosshill Eagles
8/25 12pm McKenzie Eagles vs. Powder Valley Badgers
8/25 12pm Perrydale Pirates vs. Joseph Eagles
8/25 1pm Prairie City Panthers vs. Alsea Wolverines
8/25 1pm North Clackamas Saints vs. Hosanna Lions
8/25 2pm Days Creek Wolves vs. Prairie City Panthers
8/25 2pm Crane Mustangs vs. North Douglas Warriors
8/25 3pm Echo Cougars vs. N Clackamas Saints
8/25 3pm Perrydale Pirates vs. Adrian Antelopes
8/25 4pm Days Creek Wolves vs. Prairie City Panthers
8/25 4pm Joseph Eagles vs. North Douglas Warriors
8/25 5pm Alsea Wolverines vs. Adrian Antelopes
8/25 5pm Powder Valley Badgers vs. Country Cougars
8/25 6pm Crosshill Eagles vs. Hosanna Lions
8/25 6pm Echo Cougars vs. McKenzie Eagles​​

Dufur Football Classic
8/30 7:30pm Triad Timber Wolves vs. Dufur Rangers
8/31 1pm Union Bobcats vs. Oakridge Warriors
8/31 7:30pm Hosanna Lions vs. Falls City Mountaineers
9/1 10am Dufur Rangers JV vs. Adrian Antelopes JV

9/1 1pm Bonanza Antlers vs. Mohawk Mustangs
9/1 4pm Camas Valley Hornets vs. Crane Mustangs
9/1 7:30pm Sherman Huskies vs. Elkton Elks

9/6 7pm Triad Timber Wolves @ Hosanna Christian Lions Volleyball

9/7 7pm Lakeview Honkers @ Burns Hilanders Football

9/18 5pm Trinity Lutheran Saints @ Triad Timber Wolves Volleyball

9/18 5:30pm Rogue Valley Adventist Red Tail Hawks @ Hosanna Christian Lions Volleyball

9/20 5:30pm Chiloquin @ Hosanna Volleyball

Sisters Volleyball Tournament
Pool Play
9/22 8am Sisters Outlaws vs. Klamath Union Pelicans
9/22 8am Tillamook Cheesemakers vs. Henley Hornets
9/22 8am Marist Spartans vs. Estacada Rangers
9/22 8am Hidden Valley Mustangs vs. La Grande Tigers
9/22 8am Valley Catholic Valiants vs. Cascade Cougars
9/22 9am Burns Hilanders vs. Madras White Buffaloes
9/22 9am Vale Vikings vs. Siuslaw Vikings
9/22 9am Baker Bulldogs vs. Stayton Eagles
9/22 9am Sweet Home Huskies vs. North Bend Bulldogs
9/22 9am Cottage Grove Lions vs. North Valley Knights
9/22 10am Sisters Outlaws vs. Madras White Buffaloes
9/22 10am Tillamook Cheesemakers vs. Siuslaw Vikings
9/22 10am Marist Spartans vs. Stayton Eagles
9/22 10a Hidden Valley Mustangs vs North Bend Bulldogs
9/22 10am Valley Catholic Valiants vs. North Valley Knights
9/22 11am Burns Hilanders vs. Klamath Union Pelicans
9/22 11am Vale Vikings vs. Henley Hornets
9/22 11am Baker Bulldogs vs. Estacada Rangers
9/22 11am Sweet Home Huskies vs. La Grande Tigers
9/22 11am Cottage Grove Lions vs. Cascade Cougars
9/22 12pm KU Pelicans vs. Madras White Buffaloes
9/22 12pm Henley Hornets vs. Siuslaw Vikings
9/22 12pm Estacada Rangers vs. Stayton Eagles
9/22 12pm La Grande Tigers vs. North Bend Bulldogs
9/22 12pm Cascade Cougars vs. North Valley Knights
9/22 1pm Sisters Outlaws vs. Burns Hilanders
9/22 1pm Tillamook Cheesemakers vs. Vale Vikings
9/22 1pm Marist Spartans vs. Baker Bulldogs
9/22 1pm Hidden Valley Mustangs vs Sweet Home Huskies
9/22 1pm Valley Catholic Valiants vs. Cottage Grove Lions
Bracket Play
9/22 2:30pm Sisters vs. Burns
9/22 2:30pm Estacada vs. Tillamook
9/22 2:30 Valley Catholic vs. Cottage Grove
9/22 2:30pm Klamath Union vs. Cascade
9/22 2:30pm Vale vs. Hidden Valley
9/22 2:30pm La Grande vs. Siuslaw​
9/22 3:30pm Marist vs. Sweet Home
9/22 3:30m Estacada vs. Tillamook
9/22 3:30pm Madras vs. North Bend 
9/22 3:30pm Stayton vs. North Valley
9/22 3:30pm Henley vs. Baker
9/22 4:30pm Sisters vs. Sweet Home 
9/22 4:30pm Tillamook vs. Valley Catholic 
9/22 4:30pm Hidden Valley vs. Stayton
9/22 4:30pm  La Grande vs. Henley
9/22 6pm Sisters vs. Tillamook Gold Championship
9/22 6pm Henley vs. Hidden Valley Silver Championship

9/25 7pm Hosanna Christian Lions @ Triad Timber Wolves Volleyball

9/27 7pm Prospect Cougars @ Hosanna Christian Lions Volleyball

9/28 7pm Rogue River Chieftains @ Lakeview Honkers Football

9/29 7pm Hosanna Christian Lions @ Triad Timber Wolves Football

10/4 7pm North Lake Cowboys @ Hosanna Christian Lions Football

10/5 7pm Days Creek Wolves @ Riddle Irish Football

10/5 2pm Camas Valley Hornets @ Butte Falls Loggers Football

10/9 6pm Hosanna Christian Lions @ Central Christian Tigers Volleyball

10/11 6pm Lost River Raiders @ Lakeview Honkers Volleyball

10/12 7pm Lakeview Honkers @ Coquille Red Devils Football

10/13 1pm Riddle Irish @ Camas Valley Hornets Football

10/16 4pm McKenzie Eagles @ Hosanna Christian Lions Volleyball

10/16 5:30pm McKenzie Eagles vs. Days Creek Wolves Volleyball

10/16 8pm Days Creek Wolves @ Hosanna Christian Lions Volleyball

10/19 7pm Chiloquin Panthers @ Hosanna Christian Lions Football

10/24 5pm Crane Mustangs @ Gilchrist Grizzlies State Volleyball

10/26 7pm Glide Wildcats @ Lakeview Honkers Football

10/27 2pm Jordan Valley Mustangs @ Hosanna Christian Lions State Volleyball

OSAA 2A/1A State Volleyball Final Site Tournaments
11/2 8am Perrydale vs. St. Paul Court 1
11/2 8am Days Creek vs. North Douglas Court 2
11/2 10am Crosshill Ch. vs. Hosanna Ch. Court 1
11/2 10am Joseph vs. Powder Valley Court 2
11/2 1:15pm Glide vs. Kennedy Court 1
11/2 1:15 pm Weston-McEwen vs. Portland Ch. Court 2
11/2 3:15pm Oakridge vs. Central Linn Court 1
11/2 3:15pm Coquille vs. Grant Union Court 2
​11/2 6:30pm North Douglas vs. St. Paul Court 1
11/2 6:30pm Hosanna Ch. vs. Powder Valley Court 2
11/2 8:30pm Portland Ch. vs. Kennedy Court 1
11/2 8:30pm Central Linn vs. Grant Union Court 2
11/3 8am Perrydale vs. Days Creek Court 1
11/3 8am Crosshill Ch. vs. Joseph Court 2
11/3 10am Glide vs. Weston-McEwen Court Court 1
11/3 10am Coquille vs. Oakridge Court 2
11/3 12pm North Douglas vs. Hosanna Court 1 1A 3rd/5th
11/3 12pm Crosshill vs. Perrydale Court 2 1A 4th/6th
11/3 2:15pm Central Linn vs. Kennedy Court 1 2A 3rd/5th
11/3 2:15p Coquille vs Weston-McEwen Court 2 2A 4th/6th
11/3 6pm Powder Valley vs. St. Paul 1A Championship
11/3 8:30pm Portland Ch vs Grant Union 2A Championship

11/9 7:30pm Mazama Vikings @ Marshfield Pirates State Football Quarterfinals

11/10 1pm Lakeview Honkers @ Monroe Dragons State Football Quarterfinals

11/10 1pm Adrian/Jordan Valley Antelopes @ Hosanna Christian Lions State Football Quarterfinals

11/17 12pm Lost River Raiders vs. Kennedy Trojans State Football Semifinals

11/17 4pm Hosanna Christian Lions vs. Dufur Rangers State Football Semifinals