High School Live Video Broadcast Season Sponsor

I am currently assembling a group of broadcasters to cover the 17 schools RivalBlitz follows.  I would love to have your business consider sponsoring us. We have some really talented individuals on our team, several of whom have many years’ experience broadcast high school sports at the state championship level. Many games have as many as 300-4000 fans viewing the online live video broadcasts. Our broadcasting team often goes out for food or drinks after games, which makes your business a natural choice for us to display on our jackets.

Your contribution of $250 would allow us to create a 30 second video commercial for your business and broadcast on each sport season game. For an additional $100 ($350 total), your business logo could also appear on each game as the Title Sponsor on the live video broadcast scoreboard. Also, for a total of $500, we could purchase matching jackets with your business logo. In addition to its appearance on the Live Video Broadcasts, your business logo would also appear on the RivalBlitz.com website.

If your business might be interested in sponsoring our broadcasting team at any of the levels mentioned above, please contact me to discuss the details further. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Dusty C. Collier



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